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We're in the process of switching to S&B filters and have discontinued selling aFe

Introducing the all new aFe BLADERUNNER Charge Air Manifold for the 98.5-02 Dodge Cummins L6-5.9L (td)
Dyno Proven Power!
NEW - aFe SilverBullet Throttle Body Spacers!

2008 Ford Super Duty Cold Air Intake System

Corona, CA:  The new 2008 Ford Super Duty  with 6.4L Power Stroke turbo diesel offers a maximum payload of more than 6,000 pounds and towing capacity of 24,000 pounds.  Moving that kind of weight requires a lot of power - more power the better.  With that in mind, advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) introduces its Magnum FLOW Cold Air Intake System (#54-31262)  for the 2008 Super Duty.  Preliminary dyno tests indicated initial horsepower and torque gains in the area of 10 HP and 25 lbs-ft of torque at 1750 RPM.

A washable/reusable high flow conical air filter is enclosed in a durable powder-coated 16 gauge steel heat shield that blocks out power robbing engine heat for improved performance, better acceleration, better fuel economy.  The air box is sealed with a clear-coated brushed aluminum cover that enhances engine compartment appearance while providing easy access to the filter for servicing. The new 2008 Power Stroke 6.4L intake system is offered with three different filter media: Standard 5-layer progressive media (#54-31262), Pro-GUARD 7 high efficiency 7-layer cotton and synthetic progressive media (#75-31262) and the new Pro Dry S oil-free, easy-to-clean 2 layer synthetic media (#51-31262).

P  R  E  S  S      R  E  L  E  A  S  E

 2007 Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intake System

Corona, CA:  In 2007 Jeep introduced is new Wrangler JK with a V6-3.7L power plant.  To supplement the 3.7L-V6, advanced FLOW engineering has developed a Stage 2 cold air intake system (PN 54-11252) for this new Jeep that delivers a max gain of 5.6 horsepower and 6.7 lbs/ft of torque. 

A conical high flow washable/reusable air filter is protected from ingesting engine heat with a durable powder-coated heat shield.  With the deepest pleats in the industry, the filter allows maximum airflow while providing superior protection.  Cool air directed towards the throttle body through a set of urethane couplers and a black powder-coated aluminum tube with a properly positioned MAF pad.  Given that Jeeps tend to find its way off road, aFe offers this intake system with its high efficiency, severe duty Pro-GUARD 7 filter (PN 75-11252)

January 12, 2007

P  R  E  S  S      R  E  L  E  A  S  E

New aFe Pro Dry S Synthetic Dry-Media Filters – a better oil-free choice

Corona, CA:  advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) today announced the dawn of a new era in performance airflow and engine protection. New Pro Dry S synthetic dry-media filters; a better choice of oil-free filters. Pro Dry S filters use a revolutionary two-ply synthetic material that is functionally superior to traditional paper media and single-ply synthetic, and easy to service.

Traditional paper filters restrict airflow through a vehicle’s intake system, limiting the engine’s power potential. aFe's Pro Dry S dry-media filters increase airflow providing improved throttle response, horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. And at 99.4%* filtration levels, Pro Dry S filters accomplish all this without sacrificing engine protection.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of new Pro Dry S filters is the convenience of servicing these oil-free filters. Most traditional paper filter manufacturers suggest that filters be changed at least every 12,000 miles. Pro Dry S filters have service intervals of up to 50,000 miles in standard driving conditions. Just imagine the convenience of servicing your filter one-fourth as often. And because the filter is oil free, service is easier and less time-consuming. To clean a dirty Pro Dry S filter lightly tap it on the ground or vacuum with a standard house or shop vacuum. A vacuumed Pro Dry S filter will return to 95% of its original performance and airflow characteristics. For a full cleaning the filter may be washed with soap and water to return it to near-new condition and 100% airflow capacity. Costly solvents and cleaning kits are not required to clean our new Pro Dry S filters.

aFe's Pro Dry S filters provide performance and protection with quality and affordability. Our new dry-media filters use the same quality construction you have come to expect from aFe, but cost less than our standard-media filters. Our two-ply synthetic dry media is sandwiched between an inner and an outer aluminum mesh barrier that provides support and protection, eliminating the need for extra internal structures. The base and top-cap are made of premium-grade urethane and poured up to twice as thick as other filters. The end result is a top-quality product at a value price that any vehicle owner will be proud to own.

Pro Dry S dry-media filters by aFe are now available on all of our popular air intake systems for gas and diesel trucks, SUVs, and cars.  Replacement Pro Dry S filters for all air intake systems are also available and sold individually.

advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) is an innovative manufacturer of high flow, high performance air filters and cold air intake systems for gas and diesel trucks, SUVs and performance cars.  For more information, contact advanced FLOW engineering, 191 Granite Street, Corona, CA, 92879, USA PH: 951-493-7100 Fax: 951-493-7177 or on the web at .

*Test per SAE J726 – Coarse Dust Test procedure using 21-40035 air filter

3 Cold Air Intake Systems for 2004-2005 Nissan Titan

 3 steps to power! AFe offers 3 cold air intake systems at three levels of performance at three price points for the 2004 and up Nissan Titan V8-5.6L.  The Super Stock induction system (PN 54-10310) incorporates a high flow washable performance OE replacement filter and a molded intake tube for max gains of 9 HP and 6 ft-lbs of torque at 4000 RPM.  The Magnum FORCE Stage 1 Cold Air Box (PN 54-10311) replaces the restrictive stock air box with a covered upsized air box and an inverted-top cone filter for max gains of 12 HP and 21 ft-lbs of torque at 3500 RPM.  The Magnum FORCE Stage 2 Cold Intake System (PN 54-10312) replaces the entire stock intake tract all the way to the throttle body and results in 17 HP and 27 ft-lbs of torque at 3500 RPM.  For more information, contact advanced FLOW engineering, 191 Granite Street, Corona, CA; (951) 493-7100,

’94-’02 Dodge Cummins Super Stock Induction System

aFe announces a new ’94-02 Dodge Cummins Super Stock induction system that adds power quietly by enhancing the stock air box with a high performance washable/reusable air filter and high flow intake tube that smoothes and accelerates the air to the turbo. The factory cold air supply is retained. Available with standard media (55-10070) and Pro-GUARD 7 media (55-70070) For more information, contact advanced FLOW engineering, 191 Granite Street, Corona, CA; (951) 493-7100,

’99-’04 Chevy Pickup V8 Super Stock Induction System

aFe’s new Super Stock Induction Systems increase power while retaining the factory air box and cold air supply. Their new system (PN 55-10090) for ’99-’04 GM Pickup and SUVs with V8-4.8L, 5.3L and 6.0L engines replaces the restrictive OEM paper filter with a high flow, high performance washable/reusable cotton gauze filter and replaces the stock intake tube with a high flow intake tube that smoothes and accelerates airflow into the throttle body.  The combination of performance air filter and molded tube installs in minutes for better airflow and performance. For more information, contact advanced FLOW engineering, 191 Granite Street, Corona, CA; (951) 493-7100,

New '04-'05 Dodge Durango Hemi
Cold Air Intake System

aFe is proud to announce the newest member to line of our cold air intake systems: The new kit for the 04-'05 Dodge Durango V8-5.7L "Hemi".

Part Number: 54-10622
MSRP: $464.29

New '03-'05 Dodge Cummins Stage 2
Cold Air Intake System

aFe is proud to announce the newest member of our Magnum FORCE Intake line: The new Stage 2 system for the 03-05 Dodge Cummins. This kit also fits the 600 HO and 610 Cummins.

Part Number: 54-10812
MSRP: $596.42

Pro-GUARD 7 75-10812
MRSP: $650.00

New '03-'05 Ford Power Stroke 6.0L Stage 2
Cold Air Intake System

aFe proudly announces that our new Stage 2 system for the '03-'05 Ford F-250, F350, F450, F550 and Excursion produces over 114 ft-lbs of torque at 850 RPM and is shipping now.


Here are the details:

Part Number: 54-10392
MSRP: $607.14

Pro-GUARD 7 75-10392
MRSP: $657.14

New Stainless Steel
'03-'05 Ford Power Stroke 6.0L Stage 1
Cold Air Intake System

aFe proudly announces that our new Stage 1 system for the '03-'05 Ford F-250, F350, F450. F550 and Excursion is now available with a stainless steel housing and produces over 70 ft-lbs of torque.

Here are the details: Part Number: 54-90391 MSRP: $412.86
Pro-GUARD 7 75-90391 MRSP: $484.29

New '94-'02 Dodge Cummins Air Intake System with 6 Inch Inlet Filter

aFe is excited to announce the release of a new air intake kit with larger 6" inlet filter for the 94-02 Dodge Cummins.
For Hard-core Racers!

'94-'02 Dodge Cummins Air Intake System w/6" Inlet
Hard-core racers demanded it and aFe delivers....a "racing" version of our popular '94-'02 Dodge Cummins Air Intake system. To meet racers' need for even more airflow than our original "Mega Cannon", we have enlarged the filter inlet from 4 1/2" inches to 6". This allows 85% more airflow through the filter, ideal for those with oversized turbo or twin turbo set-ups. The 6" inlet flange offers provides extra filter support in severe vibration conditions. Rugged 16-gauge powder-coated steel cold air box resists corrosion. The renowned aFe filter features 100% polyurethane construction for longer filter life and is washable/reusable.
Also available with aFe's patent-pending Pro-GUARD 7 filter.
Click here for our website.

Here are the details: Part number: 54-10771 MSRP: $342.86
Part Number: 75-10771 (Pro-GUARD 7) MSRP: $398.57
ETA: Available Now! _

aFe is excited to announce the release of this new Stage 2 air intake
system for the '99-'04 Toyota Tacoma/'99-'04 Toyota 4Runner.
This system replaces the 54-10202 Toyota Tacoma system. More...

aFe is proud to announce the availability of our new Performance Packages for Ford Diesel vehicles from 1994-2004.

Exclusively from aFe....The one box solution to all of your Diesel performance needs. aFe performance packages contain a Pro-Guard7 air Intake system, a 4" aluminized exhaust system, and a specially designed electronics package, all designed to work in harmony to bring the maximum performance potential to your vehicle. aFe is your single source for this one-box solution, and has put dramatic increases in Diesel performance into a single package.

click here for our web site

Here is the specific item information:

1994-1997 Power Stroke 7.3L Stage One Part number 77-20021 MSRP: $1,699.00
1999-2003 Power Stroke 7.3L Stage Two part Number 77-20011 MSRP: $1,899.00
1999.5-2001 Power Stroke 7.3L Stage One Part number 77-10011 MSRP: $1,499.00
2002-2003 Power Stroke 7.3L Stage One Part Number 77-10012 MSRP: $1,499.00
2003-2004 Power Stroke 6.0L Stage One Part Number 77-10031 MSRP: $1,899.00
2003-2004 Power Stroke 6.0L Stage One (With Attitude) Part Number 77-10032 MSRP: $2,199.00

Available to order now!

aFe is excited to announce the release of this new OE replacement filter.

’93-’94 Ford Trucks V8-7.3L (td-idi) OE Replacement Filter

Also fits '83-'94 6.9L & 7.3L Ford/Navistar ATS Wastegated Diesel Turbo System

Washable/reusable multiple-layered progressive weave cotton gauze filter media for excellent flow and filtration characteristics. Reinforced with expanded metal for greater durability.

100% polyurethane construction resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.

Pliable progressive bump seal ensures tight seal without gaskets or sealant.

Magnum FORCE Intake for the Toyota Tundra/Sequoia

This intake kit features a roto-molded plastic tube for maximum air flow and a lifetime warranteed aFe filter element. The kit bolts on with no modifications required, and significantly increases air flow. Part number is 54-10102 and the kit fits the 2000-2003 Tundra models and 2001-2003 Sequoia models. click here for a product bulletin

We wanted to make you aware of aFe's newest product, the Magnum Force Intake kit for the F-150 Lightning/Harley Davidson.


F-150 Lightning/Harley Davidson Intake Kit

The new Magnum FORCE Intake kit for the F-150 Lightning/Harley Davidson features a stainless steel cold air isolation housing that matches the custom look of the truck. It includes an aFe lifetime warranted air filter element, and installs easily.  Click here for a product bullet

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