2009 Titan's Last Year in Nissan Skin

I remember well in 2003 at the all new 2004 Nissan Titan 1st media launch in Napa Valley California. It was the first full size Japanese truck. Research well, plenty of rubber burning power, best fuel mileage in 04 and fun to drive. Titan's are still fun to drive with controllable power on sliding into curves under speed. Not necessarily what I do towing a trailer but that's a new sport I'm going to start, "trailer drifting." Still now in 2009, Titan only comes in V-8 automatic. Which the rest of the truck industry is catching up with no more manual trannies and very few 6 bangers. The 5.6L V-8 with 317 horse power and 385 lb-ft of torque can tow up to 9500 lbs.

Depending on how things shake out in the auto industry, Dodge is scheduled to build the Titan starting in 2010 in Mexico along side Dodge heavy duty. Nissan is converting the Mississippi plants that were built for building Titan and SUV Armada, to putting out commercial trucks and vans. This means future Titan's will have Hemi's and some day Cummins diesel.

Pro 4X off road package in this crew cab is made for our Colorado Rockies. The red accents in the cab and red sticking in the seats, stand out. The eighteen inch wheels give you clearance.

Eight ft. bed on King cabs, 7'3" beds on the crew cabs, 37 gallon fuel tanks, in a very competitive 1/2 class, Nissan Titan will be missed.

Nissan was one of the first trucks to have a useable rear floor in the crew cab. Seats fold up and everything fits.