“The Right Truck” Money Saving Book/kit, The ultimate Towing book.

The Joy of Trucks, Guide to the Confusing World of Trucks and SUV’s

"Can this Truck or SUV Safely tow my Trailer?"

You’re asking a salesperson who sold furniture last week & will be selling fertilizer (BS) next month.

“Confessions” Of A Truck Salesman

Here is the truck and SUV book you've been waiting for. Well almost, it's close to print. But it's much more than a book, it's a kit, with trailering guides and truck checklists to cover what's important to you for the right truck and what you use it for. You must experience "The Joy of Trucks." Get the right guidance on choosing the right truck and matching it to your trailer.

Why Americans Love their Trucks and SUV's. Read about other Americans obsession with their trucks. We spend more time in our vehicles and more time customizing our rides today. They become an extension of our personalities.

Buy the Right Book, Before You Buy the Wrong Truck, Again!

Before you spend the $40 to $50,000 on that new truck, buy my book/kit, save money, time and have that good feeling you get from making an informed decision. Especially when your truck pulls a trailer, hauls a camper & safely transports your family. As in sales, their job is to sell you the least truck for the most money. It's a gross profit matching formula, not the right truck for the right job formula. Do not trust your decision to smiling handshaking strangers. Do your research first. That's why I wrote the book, good truck information is hard to find.


I've owed close to 20 trucks so far, yes they are addicting. Even Sam Walton had his favorite truck to haul "Roy" around and go hunting with. Millionaires drive trucks, preachers, beauty queens and yes even politicians drive trucks.  Trucks outsell cars, but why and how do we choose the right one for the way we use them?

As a bonus you'll receive free trailer & camper guides & access to the Insider Club special reports . Save a thousand or two on your next truck or save a thousand or two by not having to trade your wrong truck in again this year.

Blue book, yellow book, black book, book value is another overused term that is meant to confuse you, kind of like the Latin they use for lease terms. What the heck is "cost of money factor" or "guaranteed future value" and my favorite desperate close, "we're already losing money on this deal but if you'll buy now..."

But that's only part of the problem. How do you know which truck you really need, and is a light duty 3/4 ton truck really a heavy duty 1/2 ton or just weighs less than a heavy duty 3/4 ton? Why are trucks so complicated? Well salespeople have a sales license don't they? Didn't they have to pass a test? Ask a salesperson or the "Turn Over" manager that comes in for the close, what the GCWR is for the truck you are dealing on & if it needs a WD hitch for the GAWR & if you'll be over the 26,000#' GVWR & need a CDL to be legal. But say is slowly.

Then ask them what a "full floating axle" is and if the torque converter will lock up in 2nd gear and hold you coming down a long hill. Maybe a third manager can come in and explain things, they took a test right? But there are great dealerships and salespeople out there too. Learn how to find and build a relationship with the good ones. Pre Production sale before it's printed

Three main sections and one bonus trailer section:

Which Truck do you Need?   Eight chapters

Which Accessories do you Need?  My top ten and Q&A

How to Buy the Right Truck.  Several checklists to take with you

The Joy of Trailers.  Should you buy the truck or trailer first.

Truck brands have their strengths and weaknesses also. It varies every year, I've sold all the truck brands and owned and pulled trailers with most of them. My job now is staying on top of the constantly changing, highly competitive pickup truck industry.

The "Tell All" book for the first time truck owner as well as the veteran truck owner. Automobiles, trucks included are the most complicated consumer product you can buy, increase your knowledge not your payment.

10 truck owners tell their stories from around the country. From barrel racers to screen writers, they all love their trucks!

"Diesels are Different" chapter , what you need to know.

"Used truck judging 101." chapter with extra pull out copy to take with.

Buying a used truck is a scaring event even for me. Not knowing if the truck was abused or serviced on time can greatly determine it's remaining life. Find out what to look for and ask for.

  SUV's and trailers. Will your model pull a trailer?

Everything you wanted to know about trucks, but didn't know who to ask, "Questions and Answers." I list my most asked questions.

Truck addiction can be treated! Just say, the new model is next years old model.... The new model is next years old....Then there's the first year blues and how to avoid the service department waiting room.

Truck and SUV Trailering Guides from Ford and GM included. These fact filled guides are hard to find at dealerships. The manufactures want you to have them but guess who doesn't want you to be armed with knowledge.

Did you know that F&I means Fear & Ignorance not Finance & Insurance?

Truck Safety, country roads and keeping your teens safe in Chapter #1. This is so important to me. From my small town we've lost more kids to driving accidents then adults and kids to cancer.

Receive my clear cut top ten truck accessories for trucks that pull trailers that make a dramatic difference.

30 Chapters plus and Checklists with 250+ pages.



MrTruck.com Presents:  The Joy of Trucks

Guide to the Confusing World of Trucks and SUV’s

Can this Truck or SUV Safely tow my Trailer? Don’t ask the salesperson, they were selling cell phones last week.

 American truck owner’s share their stories

My top ten truck & SUV accessories

Plus Used Truck Judging 101

And other Pickup Truck Mysteries Explained.

“Your Guide to the Inside” author H. Kent Sundling

Book Table of Contents

First ten chapters have American truck stories from around the country.

1.  Why we love our trucks. The story of a horse women's truck.

     1a. Truck Facts for Women

Which Truck do you Need?

2.  Do you need a ½ ton, ¾ ton, 1 ton, 2 ton or more? Truck classes. Trailer website.

3.  Do you need a short bed, long bed, flat bed or custom bed? Mid-Life Crisis muscle truck.

4.  Do you need a gas or diesel engine? Barrel racers story.

5.  Which transmission, auto or manual? Truck racer and tranny builders

6.  Single rear wheels or duals? Soft ride and leaning campers. Australian horse trainer sells trailers

7.  Which axle ratio, limited slip, traction control and locker differential? Sheep ranchers and screen writer

8.  Diesels are Different. Corn farmer and webmaster

9.  Four Wheel Drive or Not? Furniture hauler and truck racer

Which Accessories do you Need?

10. Most often asked truck Questions and Answers. HAVC handy man

11. My top ten truck accessories that make a difference. Extra page to take with you

12. Best truck attributes and worst.

13. Bedliners, safety and protection.

14. My favorite useful truck websites. Web resources  Extra page to take with you

15. Vans as tow vehicles.

16. Exhaust brakes and power modules. Web resources

How to Buy the Right Truck.

17. Used truck-judging 101.  Extra page to take with you

18. New truck owner 101.

19. Learn how to find & build relationships with good dealerships for buying trucks.

20. New or used truck and dealer? Dealing with Land Sharks.

21. First year truck model blues and fighting your emotions and commercials.

22. Warranties, Insurance and financing. Web resources

23. Oil and Service Intervals for towing.

24. SUV’s and trailers.

25. GVWR 26000#’s CDL and DOT.

26. Hydro formed and boxed frames and what you need to know.

27. It’s a secret. Translating truck manufactures.

28. New kid on the block.

29. What’s in my truck library?

30. Innovations from outer space coming soon to a truck near you.

31. Truck Safety, country roads and keeping your teens safe.

32. All-Wheel-Steer

33.Things you need to know about pulling trailers.

The Pickup Truck, SUV and Towing Answers Manual

Meet MrTruck   H. Kent Sundling, a retired farmer/rancher, is an automotive journalist, with a syndicated truck column. His articles can be read in:

  • The Turbo Diesel Register Magazine
  • The Fence Post Magazine
  • The Farm Show Magazine
  • The Horse Trader Magazine
  • Quoted in The Western Horsemen Magazine and The Farm Journal.

As well as a column in major websites, www.HorseTrailerWorld.com, www.HorseCity.com, www.UsedTrailers.com, If you are like most people planning on buying a pickup truck or SUV, you're wondering exactly what truck you really need. Don't depend on the salesperson to know the answer. They've only been selling trucks for 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months! In my 32 years on the farm/ranch, Kent Sundling as put over 1,000,000 miles pulling trailers and wearing out pickup trucks like only a farmer could!

Read more about, The Truth About Trucks! Selling trucks for over 10 years at dealerships as well as an auto broker for over 3 years, 2 years at AAA Auto Club. A major truck manufacture said Kent Sundling was one of the top 4 truck salespeople in the country. They featured him on a 2 hour live truck training TV show for their dealers and salespeople nationwide which was turned into two truck training video’s. Reviews of trucks, SUV’s, trailers and accessories along with interviewing the big shots in truck manufacturing makes MrTruck Your Guide to the Inside.

*Bonus Checklist sections on Diesels, SUV’s & Used Truck Judging 101*

Yes it’s a “Tell All” book about my favorite subject “Truck’nology.” Trucks are the most complicated consumer product you can buy. You need help sorting through the Fact and Fiction of Pickup Trucks and the Accessories you add to them.  Visit H. Kent Sundling at his home website www.MrTruck.com

Everything you wanted to know about trucks but didn’t know who to Ask.

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