Freedom Truck, it will move you!

Revisited from the 2004 SEMA, patriotism was running high. An all time highlight of a show that amazes us each year.  By: David Sundling

Some trucks we see at SEMA are masters of modifications, but I have experienced a truck that was a great expression of patriotism and devotion. Dale Ison came up with the idea to have a truck built and painted to represent the United States of America and invested his life savings to do it. He started project in 1999 with builders Jon Watts and Steve Garvie helping with the frame and engine. Using a 1999 Chevy extended cab shell, the builders fabricated a polished stainless steel tubular chassis that puts a real shine on the truck. The frame holds a chromed out 540 cubic engine that screams! A custom hydraulic system raised and lowers the entire body off the truck to display it's shiny chrome chassis.

The builder put more than 50,000 man-hours into building this truck. The frame and engine are just the beginning of the effort as you start to look at this magnificent scenes that are painted all over this truck. Mickey Harris of Cosby Tennessee spent 1200 hours laying down the paint on this automotive masterpiece. The scenes stir emotions and memories of the day that changed America, 9-11.


Painted on the tonneau cover is a scene that all Americans will remember, which is of the fire fighter hoisting the American flag up amongst the rubble of the Twin Towers. The tailgate portrays the New York City skyline with the Twin Towers standing. The front bumpe has a Bald Eagle with it's wings spanning out as if it's gliding among the clouds. The rest of the truck has a scenes of American war ships and other American Power. American presidents and historical figures of our country displayed. This truck is an eye catcher and has so many scenes that if is almost to describe the entire experience and must be seen in person. This truck is a great tribute to America and what we're all about. Thanks for giving us a great gift of American art.


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