The New Jacobs Exhaust Brake for Automatics.
Across the country there are Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel owners that absolutely swear by the increased braking performance of the Jacobs Exhaust Brake. Yet, until now, the Jacobs Exhaust Brake has only been available for manual transmissions. Now, for the 2006 model year, Dodge and Cummins have announced that the Jacobs Exhaust Brake is also available for the 610 Turbo Diesel pickups equipped with automatic transmissions.

The Jacobs Exhaust Brake provides you with a greater ability to slow your pickup truck and stay in control Ė especially on tough downhill runs. This makes for extra peace of mind when youíre towing a load. In fact, exhaust brakes are recommended for most towing applications such as RV fifth wheel trailers, horse trailers, flatbed and farm trailers.

Experts at Dodge, Cummins and Jacobs Vehicle Systems jointly designed the Jacobs Exhaust Brake and itís the only exhaust brake that Mopar endorses for the Dodge Ram. So, the Jacobs Exhaust Brake is specifically created to work with your Cummins Turbo Diesel. It transforms horsepower into braking power by using a butterfly valve in the exhaust system. This results in up to 170 retarding horsepower. When activated, this valve restricts the exhaust flow and increases backpressure in the engine, slowing your Dodge Ram pickup and reducing the use of your service brakes on both downhill grades and level land. In fact, the Jacobs Exhaust Brake can help your service brakes last up to three times longer!

The new exhaust brake also utilizes updated power train software to maximize torque converter lock-up performance and protect the Dodge Ram 48RE automatic transmission. Itís designed with the exhaust brake and automatic transmission controller integrated into the engine which eliminates the need for an external lock-up box.

The Jacobs Exhaust Brake is backed by a comprehensive 3-year/100,000-mile (160,934 km) warranty on the exhaust brake assembly, with a 3-year/36,000-mile (57,936 km) warranty on all other kit components.

You can purchase the Jacobs Exhaust Brake as a dealer-installed option. Plus, you can even finance your exhaust brake with your new truck purchase. Ask for these part numbers at your Dodge dealer or Cummins distributor:

Model Year Cummins Part Number Mopar Part Number
2003-2004 (manual trans.) 4089427  
2004.5 Ė2006 and later (includes 2006 automatic transmissions) 4955192 82209823

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