Improvements to the original Cushion Glide Coupler


Design Changes:

1.  We have changed to a round internal tube from the prior square bar. Advantages are more strength, more dampening between inner and outer tubes, and more evenly distributed dampening between the inner and outer tubes.

2.  We have added a more progressive dampening action which causes cushioning at lower tongue weights with the addition of a .1875" steel disc spacer on one of the Timbren cushions and a .375" steel disc spacer on one of the Timbren cushions. As the trailer tongue weight exceeds the load required to compress the first then second Timbren cushion beyond the .375" spacing, all three Timbren cushions become active. The advantage is active dampening at lower weights while maintaining effective dampening at the full load rating when required.

3.  CC2 models are fitted with our new GN8 cast coupler. It has a cast hitching guide, that can be very handy. The body of the coupler is precision investment-cast 8620 nickel chrome alloy. The retaining pin is machined 17-4 stainless steel that is then heat treated. The GN8 is "V-19" rated to 28,000 pounds. We beleive this is by far the best coupler available in the industry.

4.  The main outer tube of CC2 is Schedule 80, doubling the strength of previous units which used Schedule 40 tubing.

5.  CC2 has a powder coat finish in black.

My original review of the original Cushion Glide Coupler