SEMA 2004

Hemi Trucks & SUV   Freedom Truck   Titan  

Trucks & Trailers

I'm standing in front of the Army's International Smart Truck III

Tracks have be big for a couple of years at SEMA

Lamborghini doors on a Ford

A cross between a Ford van and truck


Three sizes of Dodges

Less Hummers this year but taller

Army's truck will be available in civilian form



Navistar 4x4

I'll be reviewing these tall Navistars as well as the hauler


B&W has a new hitch


I'll be reviewing B&W's new hitch

B&W Browning hitch


Show stopper Ford, it lowered it's bed with a HD flat on the ground. Kelderman had two Dodge's at SEMA with 12" air lifts. 

You'll see this truck on several mag covers


You can see the Kelderman ad on


Here is Kelderman's red one on Truck Trend's current cover, with graphics  

Jeff Kelderman took a foot off the bed and added it to the cab


The real Big Foot



Ford F650



Tundra Limo



I saw this truck at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb






Grave Digger

Like a Jeep needs more traction

Rock climbing was new this year



Classic restoration

Air Hitch

Gooseneck air hitch


Army Smart Truck III




Proto type step

Enkay mudflaps

AC port a potty


Big Foots need love too

The monorail that will be ready "next year" again

And you thought they were speakers, quad carburetors on a speed boat.

Will your boat trailer do this?