river rock flashlightCowboy Creations Tailgate and River Rock Flashlight

Important Tools that Last

cowboy creations tailgate Montana

cowboy creations tailgate night timeI appreciate good tools that last. Cowboy Creations tailgate is heavy duty. My factory tailgate has the smile in it from the last big round bale I unloaded from my truck. It looked good when I put the bale in there, but unloading it was a mistake. Now I can go back to hauling round bales.

Good looking tailgate, I'm partial to horse shoes too. I opted for the 5th Western Style, giving me a V-cut out for a gooseneck or 5th wheel trailer to back through without lowering my tailgate. Makes it easier to step thru the tailgate when I climb into the truck bed.

cowboy creations tailgate flow thrutailgate cable on new tailgateYou can use the original tailgate cable locking clips or the cables supplied with the CC tailgate. Depends on how often you take your tailgate off.

MrTruck tailgateThe new tailgate weighs more of course than the factory tailgate as it's built out of 11 gauge 1 1/4 in. square tubing not stamped sheet metal like the factory gate. Pulling a large round bale out of my truck put a smile in the tailgate. We pounded some of the curve out, but then it looked like hail damage.

horse shoe tailgate latchCowboy Creations comes in several options, straight or trailer, expanded metal or horseshoes or booth. Horseshoe spring loaded latches with optional padlocks are easy to use. You can reach both sides at the same time. The horseshoes are new by the way.

reach thru tailgateIt only took minutes to install. The hardest thing was deciding on a straight standard tailgate that I could use as a bench like I'm use to or a V-cut gate easier for hooking up my gooseneck trailer. I went with the trailer tailgate cut out in the middle for a gooseneck. I think it looks the best and reaching through the tailgate to my tool box and stepping through the tailgate to climb in my truck bed is significantly easier. I'm at the age when "easier" is the best choice.

I chose the mare and colt silhouette which looks good, but I think I'll order the Brangus and Longhorn to keep confusing the neighbors.

 packaged like a mummy tailgate  old tailgate peg    angle iron replaces the peg on tailgate
It came wrapped like a mummy  Factory pegs come out...  ...with a vice grip  On a Ford, this angle iron replaces the latch peg 
 Cowboy Creations tailgate latch  Horse shoe latch and lock on tailgate  tailgate cable  tailgate hinge hose clamp
Heavy-duty horse shoe spring loaded latch  Optional padlock  Tailgate fits snug in the hinges and latches  Comes with hose clamp for the slotted in, stops any road bounce and theft deterrent  

http://cowboycreations.com/  Handmade since 1990


Cowboy Creations tailgate

River Rock LED, Pocket Size

River Rock pocket LED flashlight

focus beamFits my front pocket. River Rock makes a small 1AA LED flashlight that will run 30 hours between batteries. It's bright focused beam has one of the sharpest light circles I've used.

flashlight o-ring for batteryAn optical lens, anodized aluminum housing with O-rings, it's one tough flashlight made for bad weather. I have a few of those $2 flashlights you get at discount tool centers that seam like a bargain, but they aren't that bright and the batteries don't last.

I use the River Rock often, in the house, truck, barn, even just shutting off the lawn sprinkler at night. The LED bulb is rated to last 100,000 hours, the battery to last 30 hours and 60 hours in flash mode. If you can't get rescued in 60 hours, you're really lost.

River Rock light packageThe RR aluminum housing is aircraft quality, the circuitry is designed for long battery life. Which is the biggest problem with flashlights, when you need them and find them, the batteries are shot.

www.RiverRockLEDLights.com    ph. 512-263-6985

River Rock LED flashlight, pocketsize